Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gratitude from Deacon Maro Escano

Dear Everyone,

Thank you very much for all the support, prayers, and sacrifices you have been offering for us. My journey to the priesthood has been very beautiful and all of you played a very big part of that beautiful journey. I know that I won't be able to express fully how grateful I am, but I am very sure that all of you will always be in my prayers as I begin to live my life as a minister of Christ's altar... as a minister of Christ's church... yes, as I begin to live my life as a priest of Christ.

Living away from home is made easier by your unselfish love and friendship. When times get lonely and really challenging or when I get confused and discouraged... I am always strengthened and encouraged whenever I get the chance to hear the familiar laughter and see the familiar smiles and friendly faces that can only come from the people I can call my own - the Filipinos. Because of you, it is easier for me to call this beautiful albeit foreign country, my new home. I am looking forward to the priesthood and I am looking forward to becoming a servant of the Church and in that Church are all of you. I know that the ministry I will face will not be easy and it will be challenging most of the time, but I am comforted by the knowledge that the Filipinos in Oregon (the Filipino communities) are always there... as my support, as my prayer warriors, as my ates and kuyas... indeed... as my friends.Again, thank you.

May God continue to bless all of you, your families, and those you love as you continue to share His love with others.

I know that there are so many more people who are not in this email list... I hope that I can also make known to them my gratitude and joy, please extend it to them or forward this email to them if you can. All of you are God's gift to me... unworthy as I am, I am grateful and I will always hold you in my prayers.

In Christ's love I remain,