Monday, August 24, 2009

Gratitude from Fr. Cary Reniva

To the Filipino Faith Community:

Allow me to begin this email by asking for my sincerest apology for sending this “thank you” letter quite late. I have planned to do this before I even went back to the Philippines for my Thanksgiving Mass but due to unforeseen schedules it took me almost forever to finally sit and write this email. I would like to express my profoundest gratitude to all of you who have helped in one way or another during my priestly ordination and my Thanksgiving Mass at St. Cecilia. I cannot express enough how appreciative I am for your efforts and presence during those special days. You have taught me in a deeper way what ministry and collaboration are all about in concrete and powerful terms. I know that all the assistance and support that you have extended not just during the ordination days but also during my seminary years were sincere gestures of care and encouragement. They also inspired me to take good care of my vocation and strive to be a good and holy priest. Though it gave me a lot of pride to be showered by your generosity and goodness, it has also humbled me in many ways because I know that the priesthood is truly a gift from the people in as much as it is a gift of God. If there is something that I can boast of about my priesthood it is the fact that I share and live it with you, mindful that we are in the same boat in our service for the Lord. My family too especially my Mom wants to express their gratitude for everything that you have done to make the ordination and Thanksgiving Mass extra special. Every time I call my Mom she always reminds me to be thankful especially to the Filipino community and to really serve the Church with utmost compassion and simplicity.

As some of you might have known already, I am presently assigned at Sacred Heart Parish in Medford. It’s a wonderful parish and the people are very supportive. It’s very vibrant and we have a growing Spanish community just like in most parishes in the Archdiocese. Life here is quite busy. We have two daily masses and nine masses during the weekends. But I cant really complain because we have all the help that we need. At the start, the parish was a little confused with their priests. My pastor’s name is Father Liam Cary, so people got mixed up many times whenever they try to call the office and ask for a priest. The secretary has always to ask which Father Cary are they looking for. But other than that my two months as priest has been fun and great with all its challenges and difficulties. If ever you find yourself driving to California, please do not hesitate to drop by the parish. I will be more than happy to have you here. The parish is just five minutes away from the freeway exit.

Thanks so much again and hope to see you some time. Please continue to pray for me as I always do for our community.

One with you in the service of the Lord,