Friday, January 22, 2010

Filipinos help Haiti

Dear Friends,

Haiti and the Philippines share many things in common, like extreme poverty, natural disasters and more importantly our Catholic Faith, enough to call our Filipino community to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters of Haiti during this time of distress.

This Sunday, we have a great opportunity to do just that. All Catholic parishes have beena asked by Archbishop Vlazny to do a second collection for victims of the earthquake in Haiti. As leaders in our community, I ask you to help share this information so that as many of our Filipino brothers and sisters can be prepared to give their share (however little or however big) to this collection.

As Filipino Catholics we are being asked now to take a step and make true to our promise to love and serve God. Our solidarity with the people of Haiti is not just a humanitarian act, it is a moral response to the call for charity and justice by the Gospel we preach.

Please pass on to your networks so that this Sunday, as we pray with our parish communities during Mass, we will give with grateful hearts the generous help we can give to those who are most in need today, the people of Haiti. The Philippines have been through a lot last year and many people came to our aid, giving hope and love to our brothers and sisters in the Philippines. We can always pay it forward! All of you who are receiving this represent about 26 parishes already and several organizations in our community. Reaching your friends and families within your parishes alone will really make a difference!

God bless us all especially the people of Haiti.

Thanks in advance for your faith and the generosity flowing from it,