Thursday, February 4, 2010

Greetings from Bishop Oscar Solis

My Dear “Kababayan”,

Greetings from Hollywood! Guess what – it’s been raining in Southern California and it feels I never left Portland, Oregon.

I apologize for this late communication. I long wished to extend my profound gratitude to all of you, the Filipino community in Oregon – Pinoy seminarians, the entire seminary community including the blonde honorary Pinoy seminarians as well as to the holy monks in Mt. Angel. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! You all have made my first visit to Portland awesome and exceptional – priceless! Memories of the event and your very warm hospitality are still vividly kept in my mind - from the day I sat foot at the airport till the last ride back to the terminal – superb and unforgettable in spite of the rain. You were such a gracious hosts and It was a blessing and also a privilege presiding and joining you in your celebration.

It was truly a joy to be a part of you Santo Nino celebration. I enjoyed every moment of it and was inspired by the spirit of solidarity among the Filipinos there, most especially our Pinoy bayanihan spirit very much visible in your endeavor. The Dambana ng Ina is a banner and a source of pride for us. I wish we can showcase this so many more people may come to discover this treasure at the National Shrine of our Sorrowful Mother.

Please know how grateful I am for everything you did for me during my stay in Portland. The visit was quite brief but filled happy and beautiful memories. As I keep you all close in my thoughts and prayers, I hope you include me in yours. Prayerful wishes of God’s blessings to everyone!

Bishop Oscar Solis
Auxiliary Bishop
Archdiocese of Los Angeles