Sunday, April 25, 2010

May 2 - Special Mass for the intentions of clean and honest elections in the philippines

"On May 2, Filipinos in Oregon will stand in solidarity with the rest of the Filipino people here in the US and other parts of the world in praying for CLEAN and HONEST elections in the Philippines on May 10. This is a crucial time for the Philippines and the future of our heritage as Filipinos. Although we may differ in our choices for candidates and parties, it is no reason for division - for we can still come together as UNITED Filipinos in invoking the Holy Spirit for the truth, prudence and honesty to prevail during and after the elections.

On May 2, We ask all of you, your friends and families, to come to a Mass that will be offered for the intentions of the election at THE GROTTO, in Portland at 12noon. We would like to see as many Filipinos at this Mass so we can show our oneness but more importantly the power of prayer through the collected and unified plea of the people.

If you cannot make it to the Mass on May 2 at The Grotto, we ask that you pray for this intention in your parishes or congregational worship services, aloud or in silence - "For clean and honest election in the upcoming national elections in the Philippines, may God guide this process and allow the rightful, just and honest winner to emerge, we pray to our God."

There is power in prayer - whatever form you may prefer. But we hope to see you at the Grotto, May 2 at noon. INVITE, INVITE, INVITE!

PLEASE INCLUDE also the invitation of Medy Saqueton to all to come to her house on MAY 1 to pray a novena to the Blessed Mother by praying 1000 Hail Mary's between 8am and 4pm at her house. Here is her SPECIAL INVITATION TO ALL:

In addition to the May 2nd Mass, you are invited to come to our house, drop in anytime from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm, on May 1st, Saturday and help us pray 1,000 Hail Marys for the same intention “Fair and honest election in the Philippines.” As well as pray for our own specific intentions that we may carry in our hearts.
Lito and Medy’s address: 12142 SE Mt Scott Blvd, Happy Valley, Oregon 97086
Tel 503-760-7710

Hope you can join the Saquetons and other Filipinos in this prayer.

In solidarity for a better Philippines,