Monday, December 15, 2008

Cancellation of Simbang Gabi

Dear Friends and Kababayans,

Hope you are keeping yourself warm during this cold weather.

Our apologies, we won’t be able to hold the Simbang Gabi (Christmas Novena) Masses because of the severe cold weather we have in the Metro Portland area. The weather forecast for the next 7 days is below freezing point, more snows on Wednesday and Thursday while freezing rain will come on Saturday and Sunday. If the weather gets better on the 23rd, tentatively we will gather and celebrate as a community. Bishop Kenneth Steiner is scheduled to preside the mass at 7PM at Holy Trinity Parish in Beaverton.

I am grateful, our flight came back last Saturday from Sydney, Australia and avoided the snow and came home safely. My sister and I had a wonderful trip meeting our relatives from Down Under. Sydney’s weather is warm since it is their Summer time. We rode the ferry (super catamaran) going to the city and seen the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House. The view of the city was spectacular when we were up at the Sydney Tower. We also visited one of the local animal zoo, the FeatherDale Zoo. Some of the animals we have seen are the famous Kangaroos with their babies on their pouches, the Koala Bears and the Tasmanian Devils. It is a Sanctuary for varieties of birds. Our cousins brought us to see the three sisters at the Blue Mountains. What an amazing place! We also spent time with my nephew and his family in Melbourne. Thank you for your prayers while we were away. We were able to bond with my uncle’s family during their mornings and able to appreciate God’s beautiful creations.

Stay warm and hopefully will see you on the 23rd.

Maraming Salamat PO and God Bless us!

"Think of 5 things to be grateful today and feel the presence of God in our lives. Bless 5 people today and it will certainly enrich us. Pray that our lights shine bright so others may see the goodness of our loving God through us. Lord help us to know you more and guide us where ever you want us to serve you. Thank you for watching us grow in holiness, beauty, and wisdom." Monette Mallari