Monday, December 22, 2008

Simbang Gabi on the 23rd is cancelled

Dear Friends and Kababayans,

The weather is not cooperating with us. The snow continues to accumulate this afternoon and it is almost 2 feet in our backyard. We regret to say that our plan to celebrate the mass on the 23rd (tomorrow) with Bishop Kenneth Steiner is also cancelled.

As I gazed at the windows and see the snows falling I couldn’t help but to give glory and praise to our loving God for the beautiful sight. I’ve seen my neighbors joyfully dancing outside along with their loved ones while the children are having a blast playing and throwing snowballs to each others. I don’t even have to drive many miles to enjoy this once in a life time scenery. Even though there are several cancellation due to this inclement weather, it reminds me of what Fr. Dave said during his homily when we attended the Sunday morning service, “we need to yield (give way) to God’s plan. The event that is happening may not be in our favor and sometimes it gives us anxiety but like Mama Mary, she said yes to conceive a child and give birth to our Lord Jesus Christ, our SAVIOR!” May we also YIELD to the plans of our loving God in our lives for us and welcome Jesus in our hearts especially this coming Christmas! Moreover, we are truly blessed and we have so much to be grateful for: the gifts of life and love, the gifts of family and friends, also the freedom to express our gift of FAITH. Since we have more bonding time with our families, may we remember and pray for the homeless during this severe cold weather, the soldiers fighting for our freedom and the people who are away from their loved ones.

The Christmas Eve masses at Holy Trinity Parish are at 4 PM, 6 PM and 9 PM while Christmas Day Mass is at 9 AM. The forecast weather will be above freezing point and hopefully some of the snow will thaw.

Other events to keep in mind are the Feast of Holy Family at Queen of Peace Parish in Salem on Sunday, December 28th, at 4 PM; the mass will be officiated by Fr. Henry Rufo and the Feast of Santo Nino at Mt. Angel Abbey, on Saturday, January 17th, at 11am, Archbishop John G. Vlasny will be the Presider. Refer to the attachment for additional information. It is greatly appreciated if you could pass on the information to your families and friends. Come and help us celebrate!!!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Blissful New Year!

"Think of 5 things to be grateful today and feel the presence of God in our lives. Bless 5 people today and it will certainly enrich us. Pray that our lights shine bright so others may see the goodness of our loving God through us. Lord help us to know you more and guide us where ever you want us to serve you. Thank you for watching us grow in holiness, beauty, and wisdom." Monette Mallari