Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cinelayan Film Festival

Imagine this: every year in Portland, our community with our fellow Oregonians gather to celebrate much of what is beautiful, heartbreaking, intelligent, enduring, tragic,surprising, resilient and inspiring in the Filipino culture as seen and as imagined by outstanding Filipino filmmakers. There are few events and venues in the country that attempt to do this, let alone a smaller city – but how cool would it be to have one in Portland!

It can’t happen without you.

It can’t happen without the support and love of our community coming in droves with family and friends. If we are to build a high-quality community cultural event that shows Filipino films in Portland theaters, than we need to show that there’s a demand for it.

If you believe in this vision, we could use your help:

· Pledge to come to Cinelayan 2010 on Dec 17th with showtimes at 3pm, 6pm (5:30pm reception)

· Invite 3 family and friends to join you

· Email the poster announcement to your network of friends and colleagues; post the poster at work, church or your favorite hang-out

Like all of you who serve our community, our volunteer planners organize Cinelayan out of love. We are motivated by the strong desire to see a piece of ourselves, the best of our culture, celebrated in Portland and contributing to the vibrant multicultural scene. We are excited to share with you what gems we found this year.This year, we are strongly supported by many who have shown faith in this effort: Philippine Chamber of Commerce of Oregon (PACCO), ABS-CBN International and West Coast Bank. We humbly ask for your support as well.

See you at the movies,

Aimee, Katrina, Jessie & Welo