Monday, November 30, 2009

Faith Cafe 2010 Schedule


The Filipino Community has been given an opportunity to serve at the Faith Café, which is located at the First United Methodist Church, on the corner of Watson & 4th, in Beaverton. The building is adjacent to the Beaverton Library. Our community along with the other parishes (St. Pius X, Holy Trinity Parish, St. Cecilia Church, St. John the Fisher Parish, and San Juan Diego Parish) in our vicariate, and the First United Methodist Church serve the least of our brothers and sisters in the Beaverton area and beyond. The board of directors of Faith Café published their 2010 calendar. The table is the new schedule for the different groups in the Filipino Community. Kindly click the table to enlarge it.

Please advise if there are questions / changes with this schedule. If your group is not on the above list and wants to participate, please let me know as well.

By the way, a Food Handler’s Certificate is needed for each group to participate, please check this website – to get one. The Faith Café needs a copy of your FHC for their record.


1. Prepare a Menu a month in advance for 100 servings. All ingredients will be provided by the Faith Café.

2. On Scheduled Sunday, we need to do the following:

3:30 PM – cooks arrive, need at least 6 people
4:00 PM – setup crew arrive, need 3-4 people
5:20 PM – 15 servers, 2 dishwashers, 2 peacekeeper
5:45 PM – gather volunteers for last minute instructions & prayers
6:00 PM – guests seated & start serving
6:30 PM – start to clean up / wash dishes
8:00 PM – END of SHIFT

It is a humbling and joyful experience to volunteer and serve our least brothers and sisters in need. Thank you so much for participating in this wonderful ministry and for sharing your gifts to the community.

May our loving God continue to bless you and your families!

Maraming Salamat Po!