Monday, July 12, 2010

FANHS National Conference

Filipino American National Historical Society’s
July 22-24, 2010

It can be said after all the planning and arrangements that the Filipino American National Historical Society’s 13th National Conference Thursday-Saturday, July 22-24, in Seattle will not only be exciting but more so “FANHStastic”!

Some 500 – an educated estimate – from all walks throughout the nation will be on hand at the three-day historical conference at Seattle University. Together they will share with scholars, authors, filmmakers and community researchers Filipino American history and experience with a special focus on the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties, say Timoteo Cordova and Third Andresen, conference co-chairmen.

Conference theme, “A Quest for Emergence: A Retrospective,” will focus on two special segments emerging into the mainstream: “Bridge Generation” with a tribute to the late FANHS’ national president Teresa Jamero, and “Filipino Dance in America” honoring the late dance choreographer-author Reynaldo Alejandro.

Besides scholarly presentations, there’ll be panels, round-table discussions, “how -to” workshops, films, authors reception, exhibits and marketplace display. There’s also an auction at the overbooked Saturday closing dinner.

Yes, the dinner could be “overbooked” because the Campion Ballroom’s 459-seat allocation - if everyone who has said they’re coming - will be filled.

This Saturday (July 24) festive dinner features the former lieutenant governor of California, Simeona (Mona) Viernes Pasquil, as guest speaker. The third-generation Pinay from Sacramento is the first woman - more importantly the first Filipino American - to have become California’s second-leading chief executive.

Also at the dinner will be President Obama’s health care activist in 11-year-old Marcelas Owens.

In attendance not only at the dinner but all during the conference days will be a bevy of Filipino America’s top personalities in literature, arts and entertainment, education, academia, media, community, plus student university governance.

Beginning Wednesday (July 21) - one day before the opening of the conference, a Historical Seattle Bus Tour with two buses will follow a 27-site route. This tour will be followed with a visit to the National Pinoy Archives in the FANHS National Office.

A welcome reception follows in the Immaculate Parish hall with hoe-down Pinoy food. The menu: pigtail adobo, pinakbet, mungo, salmon and venison, desserts with a 150-pound pig to be roasted on-sight for the lechon, courtesy of the FANHS Yakama Valley Chapter.

Thursday will be Authors Reception at Campion, followed by the Philippine Dance Extravaganza in honor of Reynaldo Alejandro in Pigott Auditorium. Among those featured will be the Visayan Youth Rondalla of Kodiak, Alaska, plus the leading Filipinas Performing Arts of Washington State and the Pilipino American Youth Organization (PAYO).

“Dance Down Memory Lane” on Friday will feature famed Seattle-based Primo Kim Villarruz and his band with his 1940s swing, Latin and Blues. Also on the bill is Tamaraw, reconcocting its rock band artisans with 1970s Latin funk. The event, reflecting the history of Filipino American dance bands, in a partial tribute to Terri Jamero. Terri, a FANHS founding charter member, was a fan of the music in the 1940s and 1950s.

This national conference’s co-sponsor is the Seattle University Filipino Alumni Chapter. Other supporters are the Seattle Central Community College’s Continuing and Professional Education, FANHS’ Yakama Valley and Seattle Chapters and Filipino Community of Seattle.