Wednesday, July 28, 2010

KFC Oregon Summer Splash!!!

Walking joyfully with the Lord

KFC Oregon's Summer Splash kicked-off this season's outdoor activities last Saturday. The event featured a variety of games such as Simon Says, Animal Farm, relay and Tug o' War; 3 short workshops about being heroes to the community, Family Values, and Faith; and highlighted by the water play where kids and the youth went on a free-for-all shoot-out using their water pistols and high-caliber super-soakers. Even some adults joined the fun and brought out the kid in them. It was truly heart-warming seeing the bliss on the kids' faces.

Although there were a few areas that still need to be improved, Summer Splash was fruitful and very encouraging. It was well-attended as all but one (sick) of those who we were expecting were able to attend. It attracted several new faces and we hope to see those kids in our upcoming events. All the activities were in line with Kids for Christ's "4-F" principles of freedom, fun, friendly and faith.
We want to thank the parents for allowing their kids to participate in the Summer Splash. And to our Brothers and Sisters, YFC members and the KFC service team, thank you for all your help and tremendous support.

Maraming-maraming salamat.

Bro. Manny and Sis. Ana Manahan