Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A good read about Tony La Vina

Friends and Colleagues,

On Friday, November 5, Filipinos for Good Governance are hosting a special event with Dr. Tony La Vina as special guest and speaker and you are invited!

Dr. La Vina is a teacher,thinker, lawyer, social entrepreneur and human rights and environmental advocate who now serves as Dean of the Ateneo School of Government of the Ateneo, Jesuit University in the Philippines. He will be here on Friday to share with all of you some of his insights and experiences on good governance and how people like us can be deeply engaged in the future of our countries beyond politics alone. He will also provide us, Filipino or not, a perspective of the Philippines struggle to move out of poverty and the role of social responsibility and good and ethical governance to make the former happen. His passion for climate change, human rights, ethical leadership and social entrepreneurship will surely make him touch on these issues and from which we could learn a lot.

Tony graduated from Xavier and Ateneo Universities (undergraduate and graduate studies), Univsersity of the Philippines (Law) and Yale University (graduate studies in Law). He is married andhas 3 sons and they live in the Philippines. A deeply prayerful person, you will witness a person whose faith undergirds and defines all the work he has done so far in his life.

COME and listen to Dr. Tony La Vina and learn a little bit more about his work, the work for change inthe Philippines and the value of good governance in the future of nations.

Below is a web link to a recent article of Tony La Vina in this online magazine in the Philippines. This is a good way to learn his story - from the man himself.

"Prospects of Good Governance"

NOVEMBER 5, 7:30 pm, St. Therese Catholic Church - Corner of NE 131st and Halsey

Thanks and hope to see you on Friday!