Monday, February 16, 2009

Olympian of our Faith

Olympian of our Faith
(Theme from Saint Paul’s life Journey)
Monette Mallari © 08/08/08

There’re mysteries that we can’t explain.
There’re sufferings that we can contain.
There’s lots of joy that we have shared.
There’s lots of love beyond compare.

Many miracles you have performed:
You rescued people when there’s storm,
healed the blindness of vicious Saul,
renewed his life and named him Paul.

Paul chose to take the long journey.
He was persecuted by many.
He wrote letters to the Romans,
Corinthians, also Philippians.

Who is the Olympian of our faith?
it's Saint Paul who finished the race.
He was borned in the town of Tarsus
and preached to the people in Ephesus,

Who helped to spread the Good News?
His beloved friends Timothy and Titus.
Despite the persecution on the land,
They spread the Gospel hand in hand.

Like Saint Paul, help us go everywhere,
we want to serve you anywhere.
Let us walk with you hand in hand.
May our lights shine all over the land.

We seek to dwell in your house, my God,
nothing will separate us from your love.
We’ll walk together to praise you, God,
and richly bless us with your love!