Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sister Socorro Sandoval's Schedule of Funeral Services

Our beloved Franciscan Filipina Nun, Sister Mary Socorro Sandoval
of Our Lady of Peace Retreat House in Beaverton
passed away last Tuesday night, February 17th.
On behalf of the Filipino Community,
we extend our condolences to her family. We will certainly miss her!

I remembered the first time I met Sister Socorro when I attended the daily mass at the convent. She posses a joyful spirit. Sister easily enveloped me with her loving embrace and listened so intently when we talked. She was very warm and supportive to our Filipino religous events and she was always made a point to be present to our celebrations. She has a great devotion to our Lord Jesus and she is very fond of Mama Mary who always honor her in praying the Rosary. She was very instrumental in forming the Legion of Mary Ministry here in Beaverton. I remembered when the replica of Our Lady of Fatima was in town for her pilgrimage, Sister was very happy to organize the celebration at the Retreat House. She invited the Filipino Community Choir and extend the invitations to the entire community who filled up their chapel. She will be remembered as a kind, loving and gentle Filipina Franciscan Nun.

Lord, may Your perpetual light shine upon her
and grant her eternal rest.
May her soul rest in peace.

"May the choir of Angels come to greet you,
May they speed you to Paradise!
May the Lord enfolds you in his mercy.
May you find eternal life. Amen!"