Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sevenfold Gift

Sevenfold Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Monette Mallari © 08/02/08

Father send forth the spirit of your grace,
Also the sevenfold gift with your embrace.
Bestow the gift of wisdom to see you clearly,
And the gift of counsel to follow you dearly.

Pour out the gift of fortitude to strengthen me,
And the gift of understanding to enlighten me.
Let the gift of knowledge imparts in me,
While the gift of piety remains with me.

Bestow the gift of fear to shun all iniquity
And avoid all danger of offending your Majesty.
The mighty power of your Spirit has moved indeed,
While helping all your children who are in need.

To you O’ Lord I open my heart.
To you O’ Lord I entrust my life.
Surely, the love of Christ is my desire!
Holy Spirit set my heart on fire!