Saturday, February 14, 2009

Spiritual Toolbox

Spiritual Toolbox
(Based from Fr. Dave Gutmann’s homily)
Monette Mallari © 08/11/08

Our pastor had a great homily
when we went to church very early.
He has a toolbox in his office,
the tools are handy for the novice.

He suggested to everyone
that every household should have one,
a toolbox that enrich our lives,
also to share and touch other lives.

He showed first the old crucifix
that can drive out bad spirit,
the never tangled rosary,
and bottled water that is holy.

A bible that can be used easily,
and a prayer book he reads daily.
A prayer card can be use simply
in our spiritual journey.

The question he asked to everyone,
what can you add in the Toolbox?
Paper and pencil are what I’ll add
to write my poems as I’m inspired!

What about you my dearest friend,
What can you add in the Toolbox?