Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mission to visit the Teresa Charities in the Philippines

Last February 14th, the parishioners of "Our of Sorrow" Parish in Portland organized a fundraising event to benefit the Mission of Teresa Charities, their program for the elderly and homeless kids in the Philippines. This Home of charity was established in 2006, in Barangay Central Quezon City . The program is benefiting 130 elderly and 150 homeless kids. As a result of their fundraising, it is inspiring to know that seven Filipinos, one Vietnamese deacon and three caucasians are going to visit the place. They are leaving on March 17th and will stay until the 30th in the PI. Marivic is asking the community for our prayers. Kindly include the following people in your prayers: Marivic Tupaz, Marina Logue, Melba and Krystel Ganaban, Luisa del Rosario, Rhona Marker and Betty Chen (from Seattle) most of them are from Our Lady of Sorrows. Deacon An Vu is the Deacon of OLS, Kathleese and David Matroieni and Donna Blando Montanez are the others.

We wish Marivic and her company a joyful and spirit filled trip to the Philippines and hopefully will see the beauty of our homeland and the hospitality of our people. May God be in your journey as you reach out to our marginalized kababayans with compasionate hearts. May Christ keeps you safe and protected all over the land.