Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Aguman Medical Mission 2009

Aguman Capampangan NW USA is an organization that regularly sponsors medical and dental mission in various Capampangan communities in the Philippines. This year, they launched a Medical and Dental Mission in 8 towns of Pampanga, 2 in Tarlac, 2 in La Union and 1 in Bulacan starting from January 4th until the 17th. Aguman procured the medicines and vitamins worth $5000.00 from World Medical Relief, Inc from Detroit, Michigan and $2,500 children medicines to a Pharmaceutical Company in the Philippines. They were granted with 100% match for the medicines. The medicines that were bought here in the US were sorted and shipped through balikbayan boxes to the respective towns in four provinces. The president of the Medical Mission Rudy Alejandrino said, few months in advance they have to coordinate the events with the local goverment officials to ensure assistance from the local doctors and dentists who serve in the health department to help them in their mission. He went to the Philippines a week ahead of his team to make sure the medicines arrived on time and check to see if the doctors and dentists from each town are ready to go.

The 13 towns they visited were Paombong Bulacan, Concepcion and Tarlac City, Tarlac, San Juan and Aringay, La Union, Masantol, Macabebe, Santo Thomas, Bacolor, Angeles City, Lubao, Guagua, and Santa Rita, Pampanga. There were total of 5320 recipients, 80% received medical treatments and 20 % received dental treatments. Aside from Rudy, the other Medical / Dental team members who accompanied him were Dentist Luz Tulipat, Frida Alejandrino, Rose de Jesus, Mary Balino, Bert & Linda Ocampo, Mr. Simeon Mamaril, Marita and Arturo Villanueva.

Aside from the medicines, Frida Alejandrino said, they were able to give away 2000 rosaries, and several boxes of clothing for the marginalized people in the remote areas. She said, our kababayans were very much appreciative and one can easily see the smiles on their faces as they received their blessings. The team was delighted on the outcome of their mission and grateful for all the people who supported them.

It is evident the medical and dental mission that the Aguman Capampangan embarked was a very successful endeavor.